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Walter Beasley

Sound Production For The Saxophone Feedback


Thanks for sending the DVD and Performance Inight for Musicians (this was the second book I ordered as I loaned one out and it was not returned.) I must say that I listened and watched in amazement to the Sound Production DVD twice before picking up the horn.

What I heard when I did pick up the horn (at first) was very depressing almost to the point of tears!

As I continued in the very short time ( three days) I began to hear that beautiful tone that I had years ago and thought I lost forever and I used to blame the mouthpiece(s), reeds, ligature and even the horn! After spending hundreds on different mouthpieces, last year I gave up and settled with a used (1970) Berg Larson 5 opening and Rico Royal 2.5 because it was easy for me to control.

I went back and listened to my recorded CD and I can hear when I was biting down and that explains the unevenness in pitch that we tried to fix in the mixing and mastering process with distortion and reverb ( didnt help). The next CD ( alto sax and piano) will be a greater work of art because of you.

The horn used to kick my butt after playing a two hour casual event, last night I played and practiced in my music room for three hours ( using the O embouchure) and it was a great experience and I felt as though I found my friend that was unique personal tone.

Thank you once again for sharing your insight, I can't express enough how much this will help! I will never hesitate to share this with any and everyone who compliments my playing!

Have a safe and wonderful holiday season!

"Walter, thank you for all you've done for the world of saxophone education. Your DVD on Tone Production For Sax has had a major impact on my playing. I have a ways to go, but the fundementals in there are what I go back to time and time again. Looking forward to the next one!"

This DVD is essential for sax players of any level. Mr. Beasley's easy to follow instructions clearly dictate through words, diagrams, and real life examples how to produce a great sound on the saxophone. The amount of knowledge that is passed along in the DVD will give you years of experience in just a couple hours. I would advise beginners to get it so that they don't have to fix mistakes later on, and advise veterans to watch it to fix the little specific things that might be keeping them from an even better sound. It is a great buy!

Hey Walter, I have had a chance to check out the product and the value is of your Education Pack is far greater than the price. This was right on time just what the Doctor ordered lol. I'm 45 and I picked the sax up again after years of not playing about a year ago. Now I play every Sunday With 2 churches. This is a big change from playing the club circuit in Detroit. However I still want to be at my best whenever I perform. Right off the break the Sound Production pack helped my tone and puffy jaws lol. Old habit I was doing it all wrong.
Many thanks for taking the time putting together a product like this.
Also the Hip - Hop Improv is great I can't wait to use these tools with the contemporary gospel grooves.

I hope to meet you and thank you again at Blues Alley. By the way I will be taking notes, stealing licks you know how we do lol.