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Walter Beasley

concert reviews

The Jazz Caf  Charlotte N.C.
January 20th, 2007

I was fortunate enough to catch Walter Beasleys fourth show at the Jazz Caf in Charlotte North Carolina this week. It was a great setting to kick off a new release from this smooth sax artist. The club is set in an upscale area of the citys south side, and is most impressive from the time you open the door. Candle lit tables adorn the lower tier, with bar area and standing area in the upper tier. The contemporary design was an indication of the contemporary jazz that graces the club. The smoke free environment as well as fine service made the night really special.

We made it to the second show of the night and expected the band to be cruising for home but were pleasantly pleased to hear them in full gear. They hit the stage with Mias Song and went right into Free without missing a beat. Both songs are from the new disc and sounded as sharp as they did on the recording. Most of the fans in attendance had not heard these yet, but were fully appreciative of the passion put into both. Walter explained how thankful he was for so many things before launching into the third song from Ready For Love called Thankful. The band made this cover sound awesome and Walters vocals were superb. Too many times his vocal talents are overshadowed by his horn playing, but Walter is a great singer too! People Make the World Go Round was a nice follow up to the previous song as the audience chimed in on the chorus.

The band intro was another fun part of the evening as all four had their respective times to shine. Each is a talented musician who has been playing with Walter for quiet a while. The audience gave enthusiastic response to bassist Webster Roach as he pumped out the thumping beats. Once they were finished the band launched in to Grover Washington Jr.s Mr. Magic. Walters playing style was eerily similar as Grover and the audience roared into approval. The vocals were on display once more on Wont You Let Me Love You.

By now the crowd was pumped up and ready for more. So with a request from the audience, Walter played his hit Coolness from the For Her disc before finishing the night with Bette Midlers Do You Want to Dance? It was a great ending to a fine, fine evening. The band graced the stage once more with another Grover tune (Winelight).

This was one of the more entertaining evenings Ive spent in a long time. The venue continues to pull in national talent as their reputation as a great jazz club continues to grow. The band was very happy to have been there for a couple of days and was amazed at the crowds in attendance. But with all great musicians, all you need is a venue to get it all started, and the rest is magic!

April 21 Clearwater FL
I finally got yo see you live at the clearwater jazz fest this weekend and
you were awesome. I have been listening to your music for awhile and your cd's are
good, but not half as good as listening to you perform live! I hope that whoever
your special someone is realizes what they have.

Your show in Clearwater was wonderful...I had a blast. I truly enjoyed seeing you "LIVE" I've been a fan for along time. You get the crowd so involved and it really made a difference! I hope to see you again soon.

Love and Peace,