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Walter Beasley

Performance Insight

Walter Beasleys Performance Insight for Musicians Inspires Performers One Page at a Time

Musicians learn to maximize their playing skills and be better performers

BOSTON  Affable Publishing announces the release of Performance Insight for Musicians, by smooth jazz impresario and Berklee College of Music professor Walter Beasley. The handbook of essential performance tips is the perfect stocking-stuffer for musicians and vocalists of all levels, helping them to maximize their playing skills and be better performers.

Beasley, a well-known music educator and recording artist (currently No. 3 on the Billboard Contemorary jazz Chart), developed Performance Insight for Musicians to help musicians who strive daily to be the best at their craft. Each page features a nugget of wisdom gleaned from more than three decades of experience, spanning the spectrum of performer concerns including preparation, getting through difficult passages, timing, pitch matching, solos, performance anxiety, relationships, and more than 150 other topics.

The insights Ive put forth here have had profound impact on my career, and also have inspired my colleagues and students. If considered and applied consistently, it will help your lifelong endeavor and daily development as a musician, said Beasley, whose music features both his talents as a saxophonist and a vocalist.

Some of Walters Performance Insight tips include:

  •     Storytellers: Sometimes, audiences gravitate not towards the better voice, but towards the better storyteller. Make the audience believe the story. All instruments can do this.
  •     Difficult Passages While Playing: When there is a difficult passage during your piece, never anticipate the problem area. Focus on the moment. Nothing is more important than the line you are playing.
  •     Singer Physiology: Learn about what occurs physiologically throughout the inhalation-exhalation cycle. Knowledge of breath management is essential to a healthier singing and speaking voice. Do not lose your personality in the science, but use it to enhance your performance.

Walter Beasley has taken his enormous talents to a higher level by writing a desperately needed book to aid musicians in improving their craft. This book will soon become the Bible for up-and-coming musicians. If you follow Walters example of discipline and dedication, there is no option but to improve what you do as an artist, said Charles J. Ogletree, Jr. of the Harvard Law School.

Performance Insight is the ideal holiday and graduation gift for any musician or vocalist and will help them maximize their playing skills and be better performers. It is printed in a convenient 4  x 7 size, making it easy for the performer to take along Beasleys inspiration to every class, rehearsal, and gig.

The suggested retail price for Performance Insight is $8.00 and can be purchased from, personally autographed to the recipient.

About Walter Beasley
Contemporary jazz artist, saxophonist, and vocalist Walter Beasley has sold hundreds of thousands of albums and has been mentoring music students as a Berklee College of Music professor for more than 20 years. He is sometimes referred to as the heir to Grover Washingtons throne, and with good reason. Since 1998, Beasley has been one of the top five best-selling African-American saxophonists in the world. As a result, his works as a saxophonist and singer, a unique combination by any measure, are unmatched in sales and airplay. As a music performance consultant, Beasley works with musicians around the country helping them perfect their performance and technique