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Walter Beasley

Quotes and Testimonials

"Walter Beasley is an anomaly: a successful performing musician who possesses the rare skill of understanding the musical process beyond the intuitive. This special ability enables Walter to communicate with aspiring musicians in a way that removes the sense of mystery that sometimes enshrouds our profession."  
•- Branford Marsalis

"If there is an heir to Grover's throne, it's definitely found in Walter Beasley."
•- Thomas R. Erdmann,


"Beasley's new CD, For Her, is cut directly from the Grover mold without stealing or being derivative. The album is full of exciting and memorable melodies, stimulating improvised solos, an occasional love ballad and velvet-like washes. It's also nice that Beasley doesn't hide his ample technique - just witness the fadeout solos on 'Let's Ride' and 'She's All That' as well as his huge hit 'Precious Moments' from Go With The Flow."
•- Thomas R. Erdmann, Saxophone Journal

"As an interesting project, acclaimed saxophonist/vocalist Walter Beasley releases a romance-themed recording, For Her. The album, however, is not a constant string of sticky, cloying ballads. While Beasley's title track and 'Don't Say Goodnight' are emotional outpourings, 'Coolness' drives with uptempo swing and 'What Ya Feelin'?' bounces like Saturday night."  
•- One Way Magazine

"Walter Beasley easily goes back and forth between moods taking the listener on a journey through the romantic, the playful, and the serious aspects of relationships. We've all been on the same ride. Thankfully, he chose to set his to music so we could experience it with him."  
•- Mary Bentley,


"Walter Beasley is the most challenging teacher I've ever had...and I love him for it. Besides being one of my biggest inspirations as a professional musician and performer, he has also taught me more than anybody I've ever met. From my standpoint as a singer who improvises, Walter helped me find more creative outlets for my improvisation, and at the same time gave me effective techniques for making an honest, meaningful connection to my audiences. (He also didn't let me get away with ANYTHING in class...) Bottom line: I wouldn't be able to face this crazy industry with so much confidence, if it weren't for Walter's tough love and guidance. Thank you, Walter!"  
•- Jeremy Ragsdale

"Walter helped me in so many ways. He addressed various technical issues with me (with care and clarity) that many other teachers had overlooked. It transformed my singing. Often teachers either specialize in technique or delivery - but Walter is brilliant in both areas. Walter can teach what for most vocal teachers is the un-teachable: rhythmic tension and release, melodic tension and release, relationship between melody and lyric, use of dynamics to convey the story - the list goes on and on and on. Walter addresses all the things which combine to form a vocal personality, while all the while instilling confidence in the student, and the desire to rise to his expectations. Walter literally helps his students to find their 'voices' as artists, and he helped me to find mine.

"Studying with Walter is without question one of the most musically stimulating, challenging, rewarding and exciting periods in my musical development thus far, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to study with a master."  
•- Oli Rockberger


"Smooth Jazz impresario Walter Beasley has taken his enormous talents to a higher level by writing a desperately needed book to aid musicians in improving their craft. This book will soon become the Bible for up-and-coming musicians, and we all have Walter Beasley to thank for showing us the difference between being good and being great. If you follow Walter's example of discipline and dedication, there is no option but to improve what you do as an artist."  
•- Charles J. Ogletree, Jr., Harvard Law School, on the Handbook
on Performance Insight for Musicians

"This DVD is essential for sax players of any level. Mr. Beasley's easy to follow instructions clearly dictate through words, diagrams, and real life examples how to produce a great sound on the saxophone. The amount of knowledge that is passed along in the DVD will give you years of experience in just a couple hours. I would advise beginners to get it so that they don't have to fix mistakes later on, and advise veterans to watch it to fix the little specific things that might be keeping them from an even better sound. It is a great buy!"  
•- Kent Moore (Monterey, California via on Sound Production for the Saxophone DVD

"In this DVD, legendary sax player Walter Beasley brings old school and new school musical worlds together - one groove, one beat and one chord at a time. As a jazz player (and a keen lover of hip hop and funk) I've been wanting for a while to find approaches to playing over hip hop grooves, creating interesting solos over repeated bass lines. I have been continually frustrated by the absence of such products in the market to help me with this, and I was about to give up altogether on finding something...that is, until I found this DVD."  
•- O.R. (London, United Kingdom VIA on Hip Hop Improvisation DVD